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Junior Sailing

The junior sailing program for 2019 has been put on hold due to poor water quality. Water quality testing was a project that started in January 2019 to address environmental impacts on the Durban harbor silt canal, to try and work with the relevant authorities to create a cleaner environment around the catchment areas flowing into the silt canal. As many members are aware, we recently had load shedding that caused the municipal sewer pumps to shut down and raw sewerage overflowed into the canals and then into the harbor. We are working closely with the relevant authorities to resolve this in an ongoing process. 


Newsletter 1


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Newsletter 1

10 April 2018

Dear Members,
Although our communication regarding club news and updates has been on the quiet side,  the Executive Committee has been hard at work behind the scenes.

Apart from dealing with severe storm damage from October, we have been getting the
club’s business in order and dealing with many administrative issues carried over from
previous years.
For far too long non-paying members have been allowed to continue using club
facilities and enjoying membership without any consequences. The Exec has taken a
strong stand against this non-compliance and legal letters, giving notice of
termination of membership, have been served and entrance disks have been revoked.
Non-compliance is not fair on the club and its loyal paying members. BYC is not a
charity organisation or a haven where one can take advantage of facilities and
services and not have to pay – those days are over and we are now playing it by the
We are happy to report that our finances are in the black and we are steadily getting
the yachting and fishing divisions sorted as well as coordinating our next six months
vision and budget for the club. A clear indication of how well the club is being run is
the fact that our insurance company had no hesitancy in paying out our storm
damage claims without any limitations.
As for the storm, our clubhouse took a severe beating and is looking ever so fresh
after a general clean-up, a new floor and ceiling. We appealing to our ladies to form a
décor sub-committee to help us dolly up the clubhouse. If you are keen to get involved, please send your details to Hettie at
Many boats were also badly damaged by the storm and our moorings chairman has
been very busy in that department. The mooring blocks ordered and paid for have
been laid.
The fence next to the swimming pool also took a beating in the storm and the new
wall looks great. Our north jetty will soon be repaired and revamped.
Sail Pass: Due to the timing of the storm last year, and the consequences, we were
unable to have this important begin of sailing season event. We are busy planning
and preparing for the 2018/19 Sail Pass.
– 2 –
Dinghy sailing: This is not just for juniors but also for adults who are wanting to learn
to sail. We encourage our experienced members to come out and get involved and
active on the water again on Saturdays. Come share your sailing knowledge and skills
with our novice enthusiasts and help us to get more sailors out there. If you are keen
to get involved please send your details for the time being to:
Halcats: We would like to hear from Halcat owners and see them get back on the
water and participate in our monthly, or, depending on demand, hopefully biweekly
Halcat events. We will be letting you know shortly when our first Halcat event will
take place. We would like to compile a Halcat register so if you have a Halcat please
send your details to:
SA Sailing: (Please see my letter on this topic under separate cover)
In order for us to uphold our safety measures and take our junior sailing project
forward, we appeal to our members to also get involved. We are needing assistance
on the water. Should any of the juniors run into trouble while sailing we need
members to be on the water to help them. We hope to get enough volunteers so we
can setup a Saturday duty roster. If you are able to help please send your details to:
Sadly this is the second year that BYC has had no representation for a Fishing
Chairman. If you consider that majority of our club membership comes from the
fishing fraternity it’s sad that we have no fishing members willing to get involved. We
have not hosted a fishing competition for years and while we sitting with lots of prizes
for such an event we have no volunteers to organise it. So please, we appealing to
our fishing members to come forward and form a committee so we can get fishing
events and competitions going again for our own members:
We are moving our Wednesday evening social and braai to the first Friday of every
month. The get-togethers will start at 6pm with a short informal chat or
demonstration on various fishing and sailing topics – i.e how to launch your fishing
boat by yourself. These gatherings are also hosted so members can get to know each
other, share ideas and make suggestions to the Exec. Braai packs will be available for
purchase and the club will make the usual salads and rolls available.
We invite our members to support these facilities and come meet our new bar lady,
Adelle. The Exec is looking at extending the Wheelhouse’s operating hours and will
notify members accordingly.
Members are kindly asked to please sign in their guests (maximum of four) in the
Guest Registers which are at the Wheelhouse and the Galley. Guests are welcome
use our Visitors Parking.
– 3 –
We hoping to build up our news so that we can present an informative and newsy
letter like in the past, but again we will need members assistance, so please don’t be
shy to submit your fishing and sailing news and photos to:
I’d like to thank members of the Exec for all their efforts and actions these last six
months and also thank our members for their support and input. Unfortunately we
still have had no report back on the club’s lease, but will inform you as soon as we
receive a response.
Until next time…
Warm Regards
Peter Dormehl
Bluff Yacht Club

2015-07-24: Fishing Competition announced for 13th of September

After much work in the planning our first BYC fishing competition for a long while has been organised for Sunday the 13th of September 2015. The competition will run from 6am to mid-day. Prizes are being organised as well as some other details. It is open to all anglers from the Silt Canal clubs. Entries will open on the 24th of August. The preliminary forms are available here (final forms to be added soon):

More details on the FISHING page

2015-02-12 – Valentine’s Day Program (Changes)

The Valentine’s Day program has changed from a proposed Dinner Dance to the following: 9am to 11am Boat Jumble/Bring-and-Sell.
DJ Steven Johnson will be setting up music for the day.
12pm: The Galley will be offering Roast Chicken, veggies and rice for R35. Apple dessert and ice-cream – R12.
5pm: Sharks versus Cheetahs and a bring and braai. Salad and rolls will be provided (first come first served).
For other upcoming events see News&Upcoming section