2015-07-24: Fishing Competition announced for 13th of September

After much work in the planning our first BYC fishing competition for a long while has been organised for Sunday the 13th of September 2015. The competition will run from 6am to mid-day. Prizes are being organised as well as some other details. It is open to all anglers from the Silt Canal clubs. Entries will open on the 24th of August. The preliminary forms are available here (final forms to be added soon):

2015-02-12 – Valentine’s Day Program (Changes)

The Valentine’s Day program has changed from a proposed Dinner Dance to the following: 9am to 11am Boat Jumble/Bring-and-Sell.
DJ Steven Johnson will be setting up music for the day.
12pm: The Galley will be offering Roast Chicken, veggies and rice for R35. Apple dessert and ice-cream – R12.
5pm: Sharks versus Cheetahs and a bring and braai. Salad and rolls will be provided (first come first served).
For other upcoming events see News&Upcoming section

2014-12-13 Children’s Christmas Party

At 11.30am the children’s party will start. The price is R35 per child. Father Christmas will be giving gifts to the children just after 1pm. Please do leave the gifts at the office by Thursday the 11th. Please also put your children’s names down early so we can make purchasing plans for the food and goodie bags. Gifts not too expensive, please. Suggested guideline of not more than R200.